Vejer is situated at 200m. above sea level and is just a few km. from the beaches of El Palmar, Trafalgar Bay or Los Caños de Meca. Vejer itself is made up of 2 parts, the old medieval quarter and the newer part of town carefully designed in the style of the ‘pueblos blancos’ of the region. Vejer has many monuments to visit, flower filled courtyards to peer into & turreted walls to see views from. Vejer is surrounded by large swathes of agricultural land growing sugar beet, sunflowers and wheat with a lot of land given over to the grazing of the local ‘retinto’ cattle. Vejer overlooks both the Atlantic coastline and the ‘Las Breñas’ Natural Park a 5,000ha. forest of pine wood running down to the coast and the ‘Marismas’ Natural Park a smaller nature reserve through which the Barbate river runs and which is home to an important collection of birdlife. Both parks have walking trails running through them and are perfect for day walks. Vejer has many view points overlooking both the coastline & the cork oak studded hills of the ‘Alcornocales’ Natural Park one of Spain’s most important nature reserves.

A short walk away is the roman acueduct of Santa Lucia, with a water supply that feeds the small lush valley nearby where avocadoes, pomegranate & other semi-tropical fruits are grown.

A myriad of walking trails (some well marked in 2008) & wider cañadas (droving trails) run through the local countryside. The terrain is hilly although not steep, moderate fitness is required for cyclists wanting to ride to the beautiful town of Medina Sidonia or to visit the fishing port of Conil for example.

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