Vejer is perfectly located and well connected for touring the area - even a day trip to Morocco is within reach. This diverse area with its Atlantic coastline, white towns, nature reserves, historical sites, surf beaches, good restaurants, historic cities of Cádiz and Jerez make Vejer a perfect base for your stay.

  • Walk from Vejer to the beach through open countryside & pine forests to Trafalgar Bay
  • Walk to the Santa Lucia roman acueduct, explore the acueduct & local fauna before enjoying a meal in one of the garden restaurants in the valley
  • Enjoy local bird watching, from coastal to wetlands & raptors in the nearby highlands
  • Paddle your own kayak or be guided from a small vessel through the dunes & waterways of the Càdiz Marine Park seeing a mass of birdlife.
  • Learn to surf at one of the many surf schools El Palmar, Andalucia’s top surf beach.
  • Take a day Whale Watching in the Straits from nearby Tarifa, see Catchalote, Finn Whales & Dolphins. Don’t miss the Orcas feasting in August / September.
  • Europes' largest oak forest the Alcornocales Nature Park is a 30min. drive from Vejer giving access to trails, streams, gulleys & a walk to a 1,000m. peak.
  • A day excursion could take you to Coto Donana, Europes most important Biosphere reserve or the Alcornocales with quality trekking & stunning views.
  • Visit the dunes of Bolonia, the roman ruins of Baelo Caludia and its award winning museum
  • Enjoy the outstanding fish market in Cádiz & explore the towns charming backstreets, monuments, parks & lively local shopping.
  • In Jerez you can’t miss the famous sherry bodegas for a history tour & a tasting
  • Nearby Medina Sidonia & Alcalé de los Gazules are historic small towns with a rich legacy of monuments, history & views.
  • Tarifa has spectacular beaches, sand dunes and forests as well as being the european mecca for kite & wind surfers.
  • Leave Vejer at 0800 and be in Morrocco at 0800! Magic? Well just a 2 hr. time difference that gives you a full day in Tangiers to enjoy the souk, monuments and time to soak up the atmosphere.

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